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The main purpose of vibrators is to help us get in touch with our sexuality. The female vibrator allows a woman to explore with ease and excitement, the parts of her body that act as gateways to pleasure. Vibrators have been in existence for a long time and with advancements in the industry, you are sure to find the best vibrator to suit your individual needs and desires.


Vibrators for women at Joya

The Tulip Silicone Vibrator is a uniquely designed dual action vibrator, ideal for both internal and external stimulation.  Due to its gentle, feminine shape and exquisite design, it is the ultimate female vibrator. Made from 100% medical grade silicone, it is guaranteed to fulfil your every need.
Joya has turned the female vibrator into an art. We see it as a tool of beauty and intimacy that epitomises the concept of sexual exploration and female desire. Vibrators for women have changed the way we see our sexuality and at Joya we encourage you to find the best vibrator to help you achieve the most intense and pleasurable orgasm possible.

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    • JOYA Tulip vibrator has two separate, quiet and powerful motors for perfect internal and external – simultaneous stimulation.
    • JOYA Tulip vibrator provides maximum intensity with the minimum of fuss – 3 speeds and a simple operating mechanism.
    • JOYA Tulip vibrator is carefully designed in a none-intimidating way therefore, provides a perfect solution for couples who are looking to spice up their sex life.
    • JOYA Tulip vibrator can be used for "hands free" pleasure.
    • JOYA Tulip vibrator can be used to exercise the PC muscle by contracting the vaginal muscles around the large end of the toy.
    • JOYA Tulip vibrator can be used with another dildo by wearing a harness over the top of it.
    • JOYA Tulip vibrator can be used in a lesbian sex, having both women share the toy and feel more stimulation while rubbing against one another.
    • JOYA Tulip vibrator is made of 100% body-safe, pure medical grade silicone.
  • Made from  100% medical grade silicone
    Functions Has 2 separate motors at both ends of the toy for internal and external stimulation. 3 speeds.
    Batteries Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
    Water Resistance Splash resistance (Do not submerge underwater)
    Product size Overall length 145 mm/5.7" (115 mm/4.5" insertable); Width 39 mm/1.5"
    Package size 187x187x40 mm / 7.4x7.4x1.5"
    Product weight 310 gram/10.9 oz (including package)
    Warranty 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
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  • Taken from the review by SexToysTesters:

    "The soft pointed tip allows for easy insertion and the bulky body presses firmly on all the right places inside me."

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