Sphere Intimate Massager

The perfect couple's pleasure toy


Sphere – the ultimate in erotic massages

Erotic massages have been practiced by couples throughout history as a mean to achieve intimacy and as foreplay before sexual intercourse. An intimate massage is the ideal way to capture the joy you share together and enhance your sexual arousal. Using Intimate Massagers can be a good way to improve these moments while performing erotic massages on one another.


Joya brings you the Sphere Intimate Massager, a uniquely designed two-in-one massager that can be used by yourself or with your partner to add extra pleasure to the bedroom. The Sphere Intimate Massager epitomizes the intimacy of erotic massages. Its design reflects the brilliant result when two halves become one, when light meets dark, fire meets ice – the ultimate union of mind, body and spirit.


Joya's Sphere is not like any other toy you know. It can be used for full body massage but also for clitoral stimulation or to spoon a man's testicles and glide along their penis yet, Joya's Ying-Yang erotic massager doesn't look like a sex toy so it does not have to be hidden away from view.
Joya's Sphere is the perfect toy for erotic massages waiting for you to enhance intimate experience with gentle intimate massage. Enjoy!

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    • Sphere™ contains 2 intimate massagers so each can have one.
    • Each intimate massager has a quiet and powerful motor containing multi functions – one with 5 speeds and the other with 5 pulses patterns.
    • Sphere™ can be used for full-body massage and stimulation.
    • Sphere™ toys can be used each alone or both together.
    • Sphere™ has an elegant and discreet design that can be shown everywhere.
    • Sphere™ is fully water proof.
    • Sphere™ is molded from premium grade ABS, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, non- porous plastic with silky PU coating.
    Sphere Intimate Massager Booklet
  • Made from  Molded from premium grade ABS hypoallergenic, non-toxic, non- porous plastic with silky PU coating
    Functions 2-in-1 intimate massager!
    One has 5 speeds and the other 5 pulses patterns
    Batteries Each toy requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
    Water Resistance Water proof
    Product size Diameter of both toys together 125 mm / 4.92"
    Package size 187x187x40 mm / 7.4x7.4x1.5"
    Product weight 380 gram/13.4 oz (including package)
    Warranty 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Taken from the review by SexToysTesters:

    "What reaction did the item achieve - personally to you or with other parties?
    It was win-win upon sight, and in action, as because there were two vibrators included, let's say it didn't just hit the spot, it hit all spots - for each of us, at the same time!"

    "Apart from similar products from the Lelo brand, this is the best vibrator that we have seen in a long, looong time. We loved its sheer originality, to the extent that it turned us on just by talking about what we could do with it both on ourselves and on each other! A truly excellent product: why hasn't anyone else thought of a his-and-hers toy in one luxury package?!"

    "What rating would you give this item out of 5?
    5/ 5. But if the manufacturers included batteries and lube, this toy would get an illegal 6/ 5 in a heartbeat!"

    Click here to read the full review.

    Sex Toys Testers