Natural Silicone Dildo

for the creative women


The pleasure in playing with a silicone dildo

If you are looking for a toy to play with and be creative, you don't have to use a vibrator, you can use a silicone dildo. A dildo – although it does not vibrate, has endless possibilities of enjoyment if you allow yourself to be creative and explore the many different ways it can be used. And if you cannot do without vibrations, why not use a silicone dildo together with a vibrator?
Silicone is the ideal material for dildos. Not only is it soft and smooth against the skin, it is also firm which means movement can ripple through the entire dildo so when used together with a vibrator the dildo works wonders as silicone is a great transmitter of vibrations.


Joya’s Natural Silicone Dildo

As far as silicone dildos go, you cannot look past this one for maximum enjoyment. Made from 100% medical grade silicone, this silicone dildo is ideal for internal and external stimulation.
Known as the ‘’dildo that does it all”, it is a sleek and stylish multi-function dildo that reaches out to the most erogenous zones. The beauty of this dildo is that it can be used in so many different ways and situations, alone or with someone else. It is a must have for the bedroom!
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    • JOYA Natural dildo has ergonomic design that allows it to sit comfortably in place.
    • JOYA Natural dildo can be ‘worn’ for extended periods of time vaginally or anally.
    • JOYA Natural Dildo is carefully designed in a none-intimidating way therefore, provides a perfect solution for couples who are looking to spice up their sex life.
    • JOYA Natural Dildo can be used for "hands free" pleasure.
    • JOYA Natural Dildo can be used for prostate massage.
    • JOYA Natural Dildo can be used to exercise the PC muscles by contracting the vaginal muscles around the large end of the toy.
    • JOYA Natural Dildo can be used with another dildo by wearing a harness over the top of it.
    • JOYA Natural Dildo can be used in a lesbian sex, having both women share the toy and feel more stimulation while rubbing against one another.
    • JOYA Natural Dildo is made of 100% body-safe, pure medical grade silicone.
  • Made from  100% medical grade silicone
    Water Resistance  Water proof
    Product size Overall length 115 mm/4.5" (100 mm/3.93" insertable); Width 35 mm/1.38"
    Package size 187x187x40 mm / 7.4x7.4x1.5"
    Product weight 270 gram/9.5 oz (including package)
    Warranty 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • How to enjoy Natural Silicone Dildo?

     AloneWith a man 


  • Taken from Pure Pleasure Shop in Amy's Blog, Sex Toys Reviews:

    " The soft pointed tip allows for easy insertion and the bulky body presses firmly on all the right places inside me. The base of the Natural indents just enough to give your body something to grip onto, a key component of orgasmic pleasure."

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