Sex toys for couples

The ultimate way to share pleasure

There's no better way to achieve intimacy than by sharing pleasure with your partner and doing so requires trust, openness, creativity and spice. All this can be achieved by using sex toys for couples. If you're open enough to share your desires with your partner, couples sex toys are the way to do it.
Sex toys for couples need to be accepted by both partners. We all know the pleasure that a sex toy can bring us when using it individually. Why not enhance that pleasure by creating a special moment between the two of you where you can both indulge in the joys that couples sex toys can bring. 
Joya's unique range of pleasure toys is a perfect fit for this purpose. The Tulip silicone vibrator or the Natural silicone dildo are examples of sex toys for couples, designed to spice your sex life with a focus on the shared experience. The Sphere intimate massager is the ultimate couples sex toy, designed for two. A Ying-Yang, two-in-one intimate massager for her, for him and for you both. This intimate massager is a great way to discover which parts of your partner’s body will send them sexual oblivion through touch. Get into Joya’s sex toys for couples and you will add a whole new dimension to your sex life!

Sphere Intimate Massager

Sphere Intimate Massager

The perfect couple's pleasure toy

A Yin-Yang, 2-in-1 intimate massager - The perfect couple's pleasure toy that has it all!